1. Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space of your own that reflects the essence of YOU is an essential

component in living from a place emotional well-being and creativity. Whatever suits your leisure, be it journaling,

meditating, or simply reading a book or magazine, having a designated space carved out for these activities that

reflects the essence of you is a great way to tell the universe you are open to receiving.

My Quick Tip: 

Think crystals, candles, vision board, comfortable chair, favorite books, you name it –

whatever raises your vibration - MOVE FORWARD AND CREATE IT!!

2. Affirmations

We all have an inherent knowing and desire to live our lives as joyful beings,

and yet very often we find ourselves out of sync along the path of life. Writing out your deepest dreams and desires

is one way to awaken the vibrational intentions within you and activate pure, positive energy in your life. The best

advice in forming your affirmations is to go general with your words, especially at first, so that what you write is

believable and achievable by your subconscious mind. For example, “I am an uplifter.” “ I am getting clearer and

clearer each day about what feels good in my life.” “Well being is natural for me.” These types of affirmations will

keep you in a state of vibrational allowing, and train your muscles to easily release the resistance that has been

blocking you in your life.

My Quick Tip:

As you commit to saying your affirmations each morning and night, try speaking them into a mirror as part of this ritual.

Seeing yourself recite powerful statements will help reinforce your programming and raise your vibration.  

Soon you'll see your life begin to shift into positive, unstoppable momentum!

3. Meditation

For some folks, the mere mention of meditation sparks a visceral response of fear and

resistance. I know it did for me at first and I dreaded the thought of sitting still and focusing on my breath for how

long?? The best advice I can offer to beginning meditators is that you have to start somewhere – so breathe in and

take it slow. Meditation doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process with incense and candles burning as you’re

perched up on a pillow for hours (although I do enjoy this), but rather you can start with just 5 minutes a day in any

setting. Just 5 minutes a day of quiet time and reflection will leave you feeling at ease and more in tune with yourself

as a vibrational being. Your mind will wander – it always does, so try not to be hard on yourself.

My Quick Tip:

Focus on your breathing, in and out, and when thoughts pop up, acknowledge and release them on the out-breath. 

For children, you can introduce them to meditating through counting 10 deep breaths each day with no expectations! Namaste!

4. Organize & Clean

Yes, I know this sounds like an odd, self-care ritual, but cleaning and organizing your space will help ease the flow of energy in

your home and allow your vibration to expand in a way that feels healthy and clear. Your body reads chaos just as easily as it

reads order, so it’s of the utmost importance that your dwelling space, especially your bedroom and kitchen, are as Zen-like as

you can possibly get them. These are the areas that nourish the body through food and rest, so it’s important to tell the

universe that you are ready and open to receive wellness by keeping these places in FLOW! In the kitchen, give the refrigerator a good cleaning

and sifting - you don't want to hold on to old stuff that rots!

In your bedroom, the closet signifies things that are weighing on your mind so if you aren't wearing an item of clothing

at least one a month, toss it into the donation bin and create clarity in there!

 My Quick Tip:

Take 15minutes and one section a day to focus upon organizing and cleaning. If you can incorporate essential oils while cleaning,

use lemon for the kitchen and lavender or eucalyptus for the bedroom!

5. Bathing

If you are like most, when you are in the bath or the shower this usually becomes the time

when your mind is in full swing, processing the thoughts of the day, what to wear, scheduling, etc.; it’s as if you are

on autopilot, and before you know it, you’re reaching for your towel and it’s time to keep moving! Whether you are

one who prefers a bath or a shower, cleansing your body can actually be one of your most sacred rituals of the day as

you honor your body for the divine vessel that it is through cleansing nourishment. Setting the mood with music,

candles, bath salts and sugar scrubs, are an easy way to pamper yourself in preparation for your day, or as your

bedtime gift!

My Quick Tip:

The next time you bathe, bring your attention to the sensation of the water upon your

skin, and imagine all resistance melting off of your body and going down the drain. Then, shift your focus to your

inner light shining through your solar plexus, and allow the RADIANT, PURE LOVE of who you are to shine


©Jacquellyne Hengst