The Inspire body care line was created in 2007 out of the need to find skincare products for our children that were free from harsh chemicals, while also being nourishing for the body. Our original line was called Green Pad Living, and it consisted of bulk soaps, body butters, sugar scrubs, and bath salts. As fate would have it, being in the right place at the right time one afternoon at a farmer's market in front of Whole Foods Market, our line was picked up and featured at the launch of their Local Vendor Program in 2009.  The product line grew so quickly that we weren't properly prepared for the rapid expansion as well as the time and energy it would take to continue to grow the company. After deep thought and consideration, we decided to close the line temporarily in 2013 giving our family a chance to regroup, recharge, and figure out how we wanted to move forward next in a way that was all inclusive and supportive of our lifestyle. We wanted to shape the business around our lives, and not our lives around the business. 

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Today, 100,000 soap bars later, we've re-launched our line and branded it with its new name, Inspire Pure Botanicals, and it's better than ever! Through many years of experience and some very challenging times, we've not only learned a TON about business, but we've grown to understand the importance of promoting sustainable products that contribute to the well-being of the entire planet. We're all in this together, sharing mother earth and all the gifts she has to offer. This vibration of supporting the whole is what the Inspire line carries with it in each bar, still produced by hand, as close to nature as possible, supporting work for people of all unique abilities.

Inspire Pure Botanical Products are sold at Whole Foods Market, Mid-Atlantic Region

Pure Ingredients: Cold Process Soaps

Each bar of Inspire Pure Botanicals Cold Process soaps are made with pure Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, distilled water, Food Grade sodium hydroxide (lye), and pure essential oils. During the saponification process, the lye molecules are converted with the oils, and the end result is a firm bar of soap.  The longer your soap sits out, the more it will cure, and become more and more mild over time. This allows for a luxurious washing experience, one that will leave your skin feeling hydrated and moisturized. We suggest keeping your soap as dry as possible in between uses, as it contains no palm oil, a hardening agent....(and a rainforest nightmare!). 

Essential Oils & Herbs

All of our soaps are made with therapeutic grade essential oils. For those with sensitive skin, it is advised that you stick with our pure Olive Oil bar that is unscented, or something lighter such as Lavender. We do not recommend using bar soap on the face, as the pH of your facial skin is typically much more sensitive than other areas of your body. Many of the herbs we use in our soaps are locally harvested and biodynamically grown! As always, certain soaps work better with specific skin types, so if you have an allergy or aren't sure what is best for your sensitive skin, please feel free to reach out to us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Artisan Cold Process Varieties

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PURE: 100% OLIVE OIL, calendula petals, no colorants or fragrance, great for sensitive skin 

SEA CLAY PUMICE: Minty and scrubby experience - great for gardener's hands; peppermint essential oil, pumice, sea clay, charcoal, pigment

LEMONGRASS REFRESH: A citrus, grassy experience that is lovely in the morning; lemongrass essential oil, pigment, mica

RENEW: Spicy bar with warm undertones - not for sensitive skin; cassia and clove essential oils, coconut fragrance, clove powder

GERANIUM LAVENDER: Lovely floral combination of geranium and lavender essential oils, pigment, colorant, mica

HIPSTER: Natural woodsy wash; cedarwood and tangerine essential oils, pigment, charcoal

PUMPKIN SPICE: Clove and Cassia essential oils to warm your soul with a hint of fragrance oil, pigment

MISTLETOE: Forest fragrance and spruce essential oil with a little berry color on top, pigment, mica

UNICORN WISHES: Fun for all ages, a sweet mix with a hint of mangosteen and unicorn fragrance, mica

SHEA BUTTER: Ultra-moisturizing bar with a hint of coconut fragrance and added shea butter, pigment

PEPPERMINT SNOW: Minty, refreshing and crisp peppermint essential oil, mica, pigment

MERMAID: Beachy fragrance oil with hints of lime essential oil and coconut fragrance, mica

TANGERINE SUNSET: Pure tangerine essential oil citrus experience, mica

SWEET BIRCH: The perfect combination of minty birch and lavender essential oils, mica


Artisan Glycerin Soaps


In addition to our cold process line of soaps, Inspire offers an entire line of glycerin soaps that are equally as lathering and luxurious. Each bar is made with a detergent-free, glycerin soap base, combined with pure essential oils, as well as phthalate-free fragrances in certain varieties.

The Scents:

INVIGORATE: Tingly peppermint essential oil - definitely not for sensitive skin but a fun hand wash, colorant

BLISS: A berry fruity experience; tangerine and citrus essential oils, colorant

MAIN LIME: Lemon/lime combination essential oils with poppy seeds for bling, colorant

EMBRACE: Warm vanilla fragrance oil and gluten-free oats

DETOX: Cooling Eucalyptus and sea salt to open up those lungs in the shower, pigment

SOOTHE: Pure Lavender essential oil, pigment

FOCUS: Woodsy and warm Cedarwood and Spruce essential oils, fir fragrance, colorant

AWAKEN: Ideal morning citrus wake-up call; lemon, tangerine and orange essential oils, colorant

TEA TREE CHARCOAL: Acne prone skin; tea tree essential oil and charcoal

SIMPLE COCONUT: Tropical delight coconut fragrance oil, pigment

PEPPERMINT STRIPE: A fun holiday favorite, hand wash bar with peppermint essential oil, pigment

SPEARMINT-LEMONGRASS: One of our favorite combinations; spearmint & lemongrass essential oils, pigment

ORANGE BURST: Citrus sunshine orange essential oil, mica

PALM BEACH: A cooling eucalyptus experience for the skin with a hint of lime citrus

PINK GRAPEFRUIT: Bright and cheery with citrus essential oils

BROWN SUGAR: Warm maple & vanilla fragrance, brown sugar, mica

RAINBOW SKY: Bright citrus and apple mango fragrance oil; Evergreen Litsea Cubeba essential oil, mica, pigment, colorant

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Please check your local Whole Foods Market for

Inspire Pure Botanical Soaps, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter! 



*Inspire Pure Botanicals makes no health claims and always advises checking with a physician prior to beginning any new skin care regime.