If you would like to have me in your ear on a daily basis when it comes to business advice and healthier living for you and your family, I've put together an annual coaching package that is the ultimate SLAM DUNK for all of your family and business needs! 

My annual Coach-on-Call package will give you exclusive access to my services whenever you need them the most, and what's more important, is that never again do you have to feel like you are on your own when it comes to making decisions that could have a major impact on your life and your family's wellness.   

 I'm with you the entire way through. I'm not simply helping you set the plan, but assisting you with executing the finer details that seem so difficult to harness when you are on your own.   


And... if you feel like you can't quite seem to break through the blocks that have kept you stuck in the same cycle and you are constantly spinning your wheels but feeling like you're going nowhere, that's where I come in to help you build and sustain the momentum you need in order to live your life with excellence and integrity.

If this sounds like you, then you should know...


I'm here to work with you in mastering your mindset and aligning your life to match your dreams.    

What I love to do more than anything is help people connect with their TRUE IDENTITY and get their ideas out of their heads and into ACTION. Through years of experience and higher education, I have learned what it takes to master the practices necessary to advance your mindset and raise your vibration to a level that is so high and empowering, people simply won't be able to get enough of you! 

The ideas you create can lead to massive impact, and I'm here to help you see your plans through. Whether you are an entrepreneur struggling to expand your business or a person who is seeking wellness changes for yourself or your family, I'm here to help you leverage your greatest resources while creating positive patterns in your life THAT LAST.



I believe your success lies in your hands alone, and no one can ever make you into something you are not. Only you have the power and the ability to rise above your current standards and set the bar higher than ever before!





What people are saying....... 

“I first met Jackie at a year-end school celebration for our young sons. During our initial meeting, I immediately benefitted from a private impromptu coaching session that led to our work together. Her natural ability to tap into my wants and needs led to a two-year coaching experience that has enabled me to press towards my earnest desires and experience breakthroughs in every area of my life. I have worked with many great coaches on personal and professional goals, but Jackie’s coaching style is unique and holistic and enables exponential growth. She is wise and competent, compassionate and perceptive. Her thoughtful and non-judgmental approach has been essential to my ability to live a life that is intentional and fulfilling. I am truly grateful and recommend her highly to anyone who is in search of sustainable change.”
— Chris L.
Jackie showed me the key elements that my business was lacking, and she helped me cultivate new practices that yielded an increase client sales from $2000 a month to $5000 a month!
— Kelly Spiegel, Stylist

Coaching with Jackie is for individuals who: 

  • Desire to make a major change in life but don't quite know how or where to start

  • Desire to build a lifestyle that is healthy and fulfilling

  • Desire to step into life with more clarity and a strategic vision in place

  • Desire to master what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur

  • Desire more freedom, Time and Money to do the things they are passionate about

  • Desire to open the channels of health and abundance



Monthly Private Coaching Intensives

  • 2 hourly sessions per week via phone / Skype sessions, PLUS unlimited email/text access for those questions that surface when you least expect.  (In person sessions available upon request..additional fees may apply

  • Customized plan for you, your business or your family, addressing your ideal goals and how we can achieve them together, at a pace that is realistic, long lasting and creates inherent changes within you. 

  • Private access to Jackie for life via email following the completion of your coaching intensive


Jump Starter Advantage

3 month intensive: $4,750 USD

Master Advantage

6 month intensive: $8,900 USD

Elite Coaching Advantage

1-year Intensive: $17,000 USD

Please fill out the form below and I will be in touch via email to set up a complimentary phone consultation where we can discuss your coaching needs in more depth as well as how I like to work with clients to get maximum results. We want to make sure we are a good fit to do this important work together! 

** In order to give my clients all they deserve, I can only accept a small number of applicants per year. 

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