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Hi! I'm Jackie Hengst, Wellness Educator, life-long Organic Industry Advocate, and Creator of Inspire Pure Botanicals. 

Inspired by my own unexpected challenges and experiences in life, I have committed to sharing my story while helping others become crystal clear on what it takes to achieve optimal wellness of the mind, body and soul. Through Inspire Pure Botanicals it is my hope that when you use one of our body care products, you will find yourself feeling inspired to live in alignment with all that you love.  I believe in the value of who you are, and my product line is my way of sharing this life-giving inspiration!  


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“Jackie has been a source of inspiration in my life. She is a fantastic listener and was always encouraging, bold and tenacious in the vision she had for me. She saw me so much bigger than I knew myself to be! Jackie holds a place for me in my life like no other woman. I am grateful beyond belief to have her in my corner rooting for me.!”

-Tara R.


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